MP’s to stop voting as the people already voted in the referendum


This decision comes after universal condemnation of calls for a People’s Vote, a term invented exclusively to label those who voted in the referendum as less than people. Despite this being a slight on Remainers just as much as Brexiteers, as both groups voted in the referendum, their official ‘victim’ status has meant outbreaks of faux outrage have hit Brexiteers hard.

But, MP’s have acquiesced that, as well as people voting being a treasonable offence, MP’s themselves will not have any votes on Brexit either.

‘We voted to leave the EU, not to have further votes to decide how to leave the EU, have you forgotten already?’ asked arch Brexiteer Mark Francois, fresh from obtaining the unanimous concession of Parliament for a moratorium on voting. ‘Deciding how to leave the EU completely overturns the referendum result that my father stormed the beaches of Normandy to win.’

Asked how we’d leave the EU without ever voting on how, a spokesman for the Brexit party said: ‘Simples. We’ll leave now, and decide how we did it later. Resorting to some sort of democracy would fly in the face of democracy.’

The voting public are ecstatic there will not be any more votes on Brexit: ‘That gets my vote’, said one member of the public, before being arrested for treason.

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