Objectors Protest Over Plans For Third Stone Circle At Avebury


‘An additional construction at a World Heritage Site is quite inappropriate’ said Lionel Bannerman of the Friends of Green Earthpiece. ‘We’ve seen what chaos these stone circles bring, with all those hippies, Druids, drunks and litter-louts at Stonehenge. Avebury has two stone circles already – why do we need more?’

‘A third will take up additional land which could be better used to build housing for all the staff operating the existing circles. We simply do not accept that our present circles are currently operating at full capacity.’

‘If anyone wants to know the time or predict the future or know when, where or if the sun is going to rise, they can look in an almanac. Or even Google it. And if, instead, they insist on being able to gaze at monuments, they can always fly abroad and visit Easter Island or go and see Burj Khalifa in Dubai. There are plenty of flights from Heathrow, provided you don’t mind a bit of a wait sometimes.’

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