Concentration Camps to be rebranded ‘Disney’s World of Cramped Living Conditions


The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is under-fire for detaining immigrants in a ‘detainy’ sort of way, in camps that are bit ‘campish’ and in concentrated fashion, evoking a ‘concentration-esque-vibe’. However, ICE claim it is a marketing issue, which could be solved by calling them ‘Long-Stay Vacation Tents’, ‘ Bivouac Prisons’ or ‘Butlin’s’.

But U.S. Representative, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, insists that the camps on the US/Mexican border are an act of fascism – or at the very least, a bad advert for camping. The situation evokes a feel of the 1940’s Japanese Internment, which at the time was re-named ‘Sushi shanties of no-fixed abode’.

An ICE spokeswoman argued: ‘How can they be concentration camps, President Trump has never been able to concentrate? Yes, at least 24 people, including six children, have died – but these are in no way Death Camps – they are ‘Sheds of Shortened Life-Expectancy’.’

‘As a matter of fact at a high-level operations meeting this week we have come up with the idea of calling the accommodation ‘Chalets’. Each block will have its own dedicated overseer who will wear a nice red blazer and organise detainees into playing really cool fun games like ‘Most Glamorous Immigrant’ and ‘Immigrant With The Knobbliest Knees’

Explained one historian: ‘Concentration camps date back to the Boer War and should not be taken as an indication that President Trump is like Hitler. He’s more of a tribute band’.

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