Time Team face almost impossible task


Yesterday BBC’s Time Team began what many believe may be its most ambitious and difficult task to date – the search for Boris Johnson’s integrity.

With the intrepid historians still celebrating the successful second reading in Parliament of the Baldrick Bill, a bill that makes it illegal and punishable by a 5 year jail sentence for anyone to make or attempt to make a history programme that does not include Tony Robinson as its presenter, the stakes are high.

Robinson told reporters that they have already unearthed a number of old writings that may help to at least date one period when Boris’s integrity was fully intact. One, a scrawl found on a toilet wall at Eton college says simply, Boris Johnson is a lying git. The message or warning, written in lipstick has been dated to around 1978.

But to add confusion and uncertainty Robinson then produced a diary belonging to Viscount Digby Manningtree-Phipps, a prep school classmate of Johnson’s. Dated December 1971 it reads:  Whole class kept in detention, Johnson refuses to own up that it was he that laid down the fudge dragon in the urinals.

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