James O’Brien shocked voting for Boris might actually get Boris


The LBC presenter and Centrist pin-up, has had his little mind blown by the idea if you sit on wet paint, you might get covered in paint. That causality is a new concept to Mr O’Brien might explain why he eats doughnuts to lose weight, cuts his own hair and still puts a fork in the toaster.

Having spent the better part of four years lambasting Boris Johnson’s Brexit position, it transpires Mr O’Brien voted for him as Mayor; which makes him at best a hypocrite, at worst, a goldfish. Mr O’Brien confessed to not ‘remembering’ why he cast his vote, because having a reason is clearly an unreasonably high demand for a graduate of the London School of Economics.

Without any sense of irony, Mr O’Brien has built a career on criticizing the gullibility of Leave Voters. A friend said: ‘James is outraged that Boris might become PM, how could this have happened? I blame Jeremy Corbyn’.

Meanwhile Mr O’Brien is oblivious to the connection between one dumb thing and another dumb thing – or as we call it, his mouth and his brain.

Despite all this, James has his own radio show.

Just think about that.

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