Brexit is a Magical Mystery Tour, going nowhere claims Boris

Boris Johnson

There has been a growing sense of unease among the electorate that those in power are less focused on the logistical difficulties of Brexit and are keener to deliver a magical mystery tour for lemmings. The closer we get to a withdrawal date, the less Brexit is looking like an opportunity and is better resembling the gaping maw of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal.

There are tell-tale signs that we might be heading for a trap; a vulture is perched on our shoulder, the Wookie is getting alarmed and the guy playing piano in the corner of the bar, has just stopped. Unfortunately we naively told the wolf Granny’s address, only to discover; ‘Boris, what big lies you have!’.

Perhaps we should have paid more attention to the animals boarding a nearby ark or the dorsal fin heading straight towards us. Those tasty looking red berries are starting to make our stomach ache and we are now regretting putting our arm down the storm drain to help that trapped clown.

Supporters of Boris Johnson insist that any foreshadowing is just a coincidence and that we should ignore the fact that Norman Bates likes to stuff things or that Miss Gulch has ridden off with Toto. Stepping off a bus, a spokesman for Boris declared ‘Here we are children, come and get your lollipops, lollipops, come along my little ones.’

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