Footage shows Brexit MEPs spin around and do jazz hands

jazz hands

The controversy over MEPs turning their backs during the EU’s anthem, has be defused by a surprise quick turn, followed by Anne Widdecombe wearing a fez and an accompanying Wah Wah Wah trombone noise. Although a spokeswoman for Nigel Farage was forced to deny rumours that the original suggestion was to do it in ‘black face’

The decision to use ‘jazz hands’ was a clear attempt to keep EU disagreements light-hearted and show that Brexiteers love Bob Fosse. As the final chords of Ode To Joy were struck, the MEP’s showered startled onlookers with glitter and a quick rendition of ‘Swanee River’.

The Brexit Party Leader insisted it was not his intention to show disrespect; instead to merely to show we hate foreigners through interpretive dance. There had been some talk of using ‘mime’ but as everyone hates mimes, that might have just unified the people’s of Europe – except for the French.

The spokeswoman said; ‘We will leave Europe with our hands open, fingers splayed but with our heads held high. If this is going to be farewell, we want to leave with a song in our hearts and an EU pension in our pockets’.

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