Glastonbury 2019 ‘toughest one yet’ for right-wing press

Taken at the Glastonbury Festival, June 2009

This year’s Glastonbury Festival plumbed a new low with regard to generating material to suit the agenda of much of the right-wing media. Although drinking alcohol was widespread, and a large slice of wanton pleasure-seeking behaviour was on display, there was a distinct shortage of controversy and confrontation for the press to blow out of all proportion for their readers to become angry about.

With responsible hydration in the heat, the use of sun-cream and hats to prevent sunstroke, and reduced litter levels compared to previous years, the organisers and the Festival-goers created a disappointingly joyful, mutually-supportive, peace-loving environment. This made fanning the flames of pessimism about the future based on the so-called ‘youth of today’ very difficult for many newspaper editors.

Hopes were raised at one point when a black youth appeared to be kidnapping a young white kid from the audience on one of the stages. But South London grime artist Dave performed a rap song with teenager Alex from Wells instead of being part of a drugs gang and committing knife crime like all his compatriots, apparently.

With Glastonbury 2020 being the 50th anniversary of the Festival, hopes are high that a spectacular show of outrageous hedonism will be staged to give the papers something to report next year. Otherwise they may have to recycle photographs from 2014 and make it all up. Again.

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