Trump recalls fateful day when USA defeated the aliens from space


In his Independence Day speech President Trump has praised his predecessor, President Whitmore, for defeating the evil space aliens. He promised that America would ‘get its own back’ by planting the US flag on Mars.

President Trump is believed to have provided the inspiration for the character of Russell Casse, an eccentric, alcoholic former fighter pilot and Vietnam War veteran in the film Independence Day. Actor Randy Quaid, who played Casse in the film, has paid tribute to Trump. “Russell Casse is Donald Trump”, he told journalists. “His rambling incoherent speech patterns, his wild hair, the obvious insanity. The only touch I added was making him a Vietnam vet. Everything else came from real life”.

Trump also praised President Lincoln for taking control of airports and television stations in the 18th century, and for emailing the Declaration of Independence.

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