Frank Lampard’s Derby County to change name to Derby County


The team known recently as Frank Lampard’s Derby County will change the name of the club to Derby County, wiping out a years worth of history in the process, it has been revealed.

The move is expected to bring about a backlash from fans, similar to the wrath Cardiff City incurred when they changed their home strip colour from blue to red. Steve from Derby is one such fan. “I can’t believe the club are going ahead with this, I mean ok, they haven’t got much of a choice, but it is the only name of our club my 9 month old boy has ever known. He will be devastated when I tell him later.”

Dan from Duffield has personal concerns regarding the name change. “Clubs don’t care about the true fans like me, I have Frank Lampard’s Derby County tattooed on my forehead, people will ridicule me for having the name of a team that no longer exists permanently on my noggin.”

Sports pundits are worried the shortened name will mean they have to pad more to fill out radio and TV shows discussing football. “We will need to add 4 minutes of material to cover this shortfall,” moaned Adrian, a presenter for talkSPORT. “There are only so many builder trade adverts we can play to pad out the show, Frank Lampard’s Derby County was such a mouthful we didn’t have to worry about coming up with much other material!

There are worries this could kick off a summer of name changes with Steven Gerrard’s Rangers potentially changing to Rangers and Newcastle United potentially changing to Steven Gerrard’s Newcastle. It is believed that Chelsea will not change their name as they aren’t considered a tinpot club by sports pundits throughout the country.

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