Tom Watson is Judge Dredd

Fea0033189. Daily Telegraph
Tom Watson MP interviewed by Andrew Porter regarding the NOTW phone hacking scandal, Westminster, London, UK.
21 July 2011

The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party has signalled his intention to ride into Mega-City One and shoot ‘anti-semitic perps’ or anyone in the queue for Glastonbury. Emboldened, ‘Judge Watson’ has declared himself judge, jury, executioner and winner of Slimmers’ World, ten years running.

Astride his Lawmaster, Judge Watson said he would be moving from ‘prima facie’ straight to summary judgement and a Hot Shot to the head. Sort of like a Jeremy Kyle episode but without evidence and the chance of rebuttal.

Previously a £100 million IICSA public inquiry found that ‘Judge Watson’ had fabricated accusations of paedophilia, destroyed careers and clearly stolen the plot line of ‘Red Riding’. Subsequently, Tom was found to have a casual relationship with the truth but an intimate relationship with £500,000 of Max Mosley’s money.

Judge Watson was clear he would tolerate no interference with a legal process, unless it was him doing the interfering; declaring ‘I am the Flaw!’. A spokesman explained: ‘It’s simple. Kill now, ask questions later. A bit like Boris’ Brexit plan’.

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