Fears Djokovic robot may become self-aware

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Novak Industries’ most advanced and best known product, the Djokovic, recently made history by proving itself able to beat even the best human tennis player. However, some people fear that the level of artificial intelligence necessary to achieve this feat carries a risk that the Djokovic may achieve a form of self-consciousness and start making its own decisions.

“Sure, we had to give it some understanding of human nature,” admitted Head of Development Dr F. N. Stein. “For example, the fact that its human opponents might grow tired after a few hours, or discouraged when they lose a closely fought tiebreak.

“But that’s a long way from saying it could ever feel these things itself, unless you mean a simple awareness that its powerbanks need recharging.

“Anyone who’s worried it’s suddenly going to become self-aware and turn on its human creators has been watching the Terminator films too much.”

However, an anonymous whistle-blower at the firm reports that while reviewing footage of earlier matches to identify why it lost the occasional point, the Djokovic became fixated on its opponents’ families in the crowd, finally asking “Where Djoko come from?”

It’s also alleged to have noticed one opponent’s particularly attractive girlfriend, demanding of Dr Stein “Djoko want. You make?”

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