Gay activist defends ‘idiot reversion therapy’

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A gay activist has said that he think it is possible that far-right religious leaders who believe in gay reversion therapy can be cured of their idiocy and that he has a moral duty to help them do this.  Ben Silver from Tel Aviv was reacting to a comments from Israeli politician and rabbi Rafi Peretz who said he believed gay conversion therapy can work causing many people to condemn the Education minister’s idiocy. But advocates of so-called “idiot therapy” believe that sufferers can be scientifically cured with counselling, socialising and extensive education which can cure members of the religious right out of their idiotic homophobic prejudices. “It is not these idiotic idiots fault that they became idiots. With help and care and understanding, and a certain number of electric shocks to their temples, I believe I can help them out of their idiocy, so that they can become normally functioning human beings once again.”

Ben has denied that he is a charlatan just making money out of a social prejudice against idiots;  “I can speak from deep experience, someone came to me and he was an idiot, after spending $128,000 on therapy he received a certificate which stated clearly that he was not an idiot. What more proof do you need?”

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