Sudden interest in tennis expected to last until Wednesday

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Tennis courts across Britain have seen a steep increase in demand following two weeks non-stop television coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. Interest in the sport peaked following the two finals over the weekend and is expected to last for at least 72 hours until everyone gives up on their new resolution ‘to really get into tennis this summer’.


‘I think it would be a good idea if the twins learned to play properly’, said mother of two, Margaret Hunt of Godalming in Surrey. ‘I have signed them up for lessons at the local club and I’m sure they will playing all summer long’. Her husband pointed out that she said exactly the same thing last year and they gave up after two lessons and went back to playing video games with the curtains drawn all summer.’

All courts throughout the country are fully booked until the middle of the week, and after that it will be possible to walk up and get a time any time you like.

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