You can’t force us to mix with posh scum, say residents

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Ministers that have vowed to end the practice of separate entrances and separate play areas for Social Housing tenants and private owners are meeting stiff opposition from a group of residents in Rotherhithe.

One resident of a newly built mixed apartment block told us today, it’s OK for the minister to preach to us about inclusion, but he doesn’t have to deal with gangs of scumbag dealers hanging around his front door every night. I don’t want my kids having to walk through that lot as they discuss their insider trader dealing, right in front of us, planning to artificially hike up the price of shares, so they can make a killing later, it’s disgusting.

Last Sunday night, I arrived home and the marble floors in the lobby were covered in blood, a trail of blood spots went all the way into the lift, it was full of blood and feathers. It was that mob from 13a again, out blasting birds to bits on a country estate, for fun. Who wants to share an entrance with that bunch of lowlifes,I don’t want my kids thinking that’s the right way to live.

Bob, a bus driver with Arriva, told a local reporter, that it’s embarrassing when friends see him coming out of the same entrance as tax evaders or bankers who rob and cheat for a living. I go to work,pay my taxes and try to treat people with respect,I don’t see people as another opportunity to make money,no questions asked,like that mob,I don’t want people to think that I am one of them.

It may seem like social exclusion to outsiders but we have to keep up certain standards, he said.

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