Mark Carney forced to write letter to Mrs Carney

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Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, has been forced to write a letter to his wife Mrs Carney after it was revealed his credit card bill was more than 2% higher than last month’s bill. ‘I ordered tickets to fly home to Canada to see the family,’ Mr Carney explained, ‘plus the Fiesta Mrs Carney uses as a run-around needed a service and MoT. Unfortunately the left hand front brake calliper was seized so that was a bit of a bill,’ he said.

Mrs Carney is at a loss as to what she is supposed to do with the letter. ‘I asked Phillip Hammond what he did with his, when he popped over for a chat the other night,’ she said today, adding that apparently the Chancellor ‘pops them on the mantelpiece, just in case he thinks of something to do with them. I’ll probably do the same,’ she said.

Mrs Carney apologised for cutting the interview short as she was heading up a closed session of the ‘senior bankers’ wives’ conjugal rights committee’. ‘Mark has been a very naughty boy this month,’ she said, ‘and we all have to decide whether we need to raise interest rates to raise his, you know…’

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