Armchair feeling better after some armchair psychnology

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc site

Gloomy armchair Martin Armstrong has reported feeling an improvement in mood this week after receiving a bit of armchair psychology from fellow armchair, Toby Backbridge.

Martin said: ‘I was feeling down because it seemed that Toby got more attention from the family than me. Then Toby pointed out that we’ve got different skills. He faces the telly and so gets sat in regularly, while I’m adjacent to it and I get to be a receptacle for things – such as birthday cards about to be written, sports bags and lunch boxes – but he doesn’t.

‘Toby said I shouldn’t compare myself to him, but instead to earlier versions of myself. When I was first placed by the telly, I hardly ever got to have things put on me. Now I’m useful and I’ve always got something on my lap. I’ve got a new take on life. Sofa, so good.’

Hat tip Titus

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