Mrs Brown’s Boys repeats ‘could continue beyond 31 October’ if no Brexit deal agreed


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has admitted that, despite promises to put an end to Brexit gridlock, unfunny sitcom Mrs Brown’s Boys may yet continue to as a fixture of TV schedules in place of anything with vaguely satirical content.

The BBC has insisted it is forced to comply with broadcasting regulations, which ensure that during periods of political upheaval all shows must remain impartial and based on entirely predictable clownish behaviour and cross-dressing. If the Brexit process outruns further deadlines, Miranda and Still Open All Hours may be brought back into commission to reduce the risk of any topical thought within the viewers. However, some have declared the policy a ‘collective punishment’ forced upon Britain by Ireland and its EU allies to ‘send a message’ to any other members who might wish to attempt an exit from the European project.

Meanwhile, negotiators have revealed talks on the Irish Backstop, commonly identified as the main sticking point in Brexit talks, now largely centre on responsibility for Brendon O’Carroll’s matriarchal housewife, with groups on both sides of the border saying it ‘just isn’t funny’. Many have expressed fears that without a formal agreement, the character could continue to cross the border at will, randomly saying ‘feck’, calling attention to the fact that ‘her’ breasts are fake and unleashing unrest among the comedy wings of various paramilitary groups. The two communities have up until now maintained an uneasy truce as part of the Northern Irish Peace Process, with only the occasional lobbing of a ‘Murphy’ joke.

Negotiations are set to resume in Brussels to try and forge a new deal after the EU rejected earlier plans to export the character to France on holiday for a second movie sequel, in exchange for accepting several French farces and hundreds of former Soviet circus clowns currently camped across the channel. Other EU members have cited the need for a ‘consistent set of rules for all comedy and tomfoolery’.

A government spokesperson told us: ‘We must work together for an agreement to restrict the free movement of Irish-set sitcoms so that catchphrases can not be allowed to traverse the border unchecked. Our proposals would ensure that. Drink. Feck. Arse. Girls.’

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