Johnson’s cabinet rated even worse than Justice League


Boris Johnson’s newly formed cabinet has received an inferior rating from the public than the DC Comics film Justice League. The Justice League was panned upon its release in 2017, with critics suggesting it was the worst grouping of people in history with one-dimensional characters and poor performances all round. Those critics are today backtracking from those comments after seeing the new cabinet assemble.

‘Ben Affleck didn’t want to be there, it was so obvious he thought he was better than the film,’ claimed Gareth Ainsley, a 36-year-old comic book geek from Bromley. ‘Jacob Rees-Mogg is going to be exactly the same and his voice is even more annoying than Batman.’

Some fans have pointed out similarities between the two franchises with unlikely returning character. Jessica from Wigan was one such fan. ‘Superman coming back from death was cringe-worthy, Gavin Williamson doing the same is just plain sickening,’ she said. ‘And they didn’t even allow for some light humour in the film because they wrote out Chris Grayling.’

Johnson’s cabinet has been accused of containing people too outlandish for a comic book film. ‘I thought the characters were unbelievable and wooden in Justice League, but I can’t draw a parallel with Liz Truss, she takes incompetent to a new level,’ stated Kris from Coventry. ‘Can you imaging a superhero who fought against cheese imports? No, neither can I. Furthermore, I’m all for diversity in comics, but there’s not a lot of point in having more Asian and female characters if they are just going to be the same implausible maniacs as all the others.’

Comic book fan Joe Gordon from Aberdeen has suggested the fallout from Johnson’s cabinet being formed could be bleaker than most people believe. ‘If anything Jeremy Hunt being sacked could be a great way to introduce a super-villain hell bent on revenge, the only problem is there are no good guys in this story to stop him,’ he said. ‘Superheroes are not meant to go around killing people because they think they did something bad. Are you listening, Priti?

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