PMQs to be under control of Dept of Digital Culture, Media and Sport


In a surprise announcement today the responsibility for managing Prime Ministers Questions every Wednesday after lunch will be transferred from the Cabinet Office to the Department of Digital Culture, Media and Sport. ‘It really makes sense with Boris in the chair,’ said a political correspondent today, ‘after all, PMQs are broadcast live, so that’s digital culture, They are on TV and the internet, which is media, and of course Boris trying to waffle his way around basic questions is absolutely sport.’

The PMQ slot, historically broadcast by the BBC, is to be auctioned off as a major TV spectacular, with industry anticipating needing to write Wednesday afternoon off until Boris resigns, or actually comes up with some believable and practical policies. ‘This is broadcasting gold,’ said one TV expert. ‘I wonder if we can introduce a ping pong net between the despatch boxes?’

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