Character comedian fails to wow at the Fringe


Critics have been disappointed by the latest creation of performance artist, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, describing his performance as “underwhelming.” His latest Edinburgh Fringe Show “I can’t believe it either” was in preview at the State Room in the Bute House (Venue 1273) in front of a select audience of journalists and industry insiders, most notable Nicola Sturgeon.

‘His latest character, the “Prime Minister“ lacks the depth and humour of some of his earlier creations’, said Dorcas Latranche, comedy reviewer for the London Clarion. ‘He was so much funnier as the affable zip-wiring mayor, the unknowing comedy racist, and the Bumbling Fool, the overgrown Fred-Scuttle-a-like, rugby tackling the under-twelves and cycling over the homeless. He’s never been that popular in Scotland, but this was an embarrassment.’

Other audience members were left disappointed as Alex just spouted a lot of meaningless catchphrases and over-hyped sound-bites but some thought it his best creation yet.

‘This is by far the most nauseating and excruciatingly awful creation by far’, said one fan. ‘He out-partridges Partridge and makes David Brent look like an amateur. I loved it!’he added.

Johnson’s ‘I can’t believe it either’ is part of every comedy show at the Edinburgh Fringe and will be touring the UK until he gets bored, the EU invades, or he loses a General Election.

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