White supremacist killer accused of plagiarism

As the US reels from the shock of another gun massacre, lawyers for other killers have demanded a percentage of any advertising revenue or ‘thoughts and prayers’. They argue that ‘crazy white guy, kills folks’ is a direct copy if the 1970’s disco classic ‘play that funky music, white boy…then shoot everyone’.

One mass murderer complained: ‘He was playing all my greatest hits; disillusioned teenager, bad haircut, obsession with Katie Hopkins tweets’.

In court, a vinyl album was played backwards to show the similarities. The prosecutor said: ‘If you listen carefully, you can clearly hear Satan speaking – and that’s my clients signature tune’.

All future US massacres will be required to be more original, with a greater diversity of killer and choice of weapon. It will sound far more interesting when we hear of ‘Amish kills 20 using spork’.

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Posted: Aug 5th, 2019 by

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