Queues at Food banks ‘unacceptable’, says MP

Contents of a Foodbank Food Parcel - Salisbury Foodbank

A Tory MP admitted today that he is totally baffled as to how food banks work, it’s such an odd concept he said.
I have been invited down to my local food bank which I am told gets massive numbers of customers, queuing up around the block, but I’m with Coutts, I don’t need another bank.

What confuses me, he said, was how it all actually works. I’m told that people make withdrawals of food, bags and bags of the bally stuff. Is this a loan, how do they pay it back, do they charge interest?
The way I was told, it almost sounded as if they were just giving the stuff away, how can a business make money that way, it makes no sense.

I’m surprised that if it is successful, why they haven’t introduced electronic banking, save a lot of hassle trying to park the Range Rover and dragging shopping bags all over the place.
In our house, the old gal just goes online, orders up what we want and Harrods deliver it and Coutts pay Harrods, job done.

It seems barbaric in this day and age that people have to queue up for a bit of supper.

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