Could you be a Prime target?


Leading experts on Cults today told of their growing concern at the methods used to trap unsuspecting victims currently being employed by a shadowy organisation know only as Amazon Prime.
Having interviewed dozens of survivors who had finally managed to break away from their clutches, investigators say that a sordid story of unfulfilled promises and total control over their members emerged.

Prospective victims are enticed in with carefully rehearsed offers, free 2 day delivery, gift cards, offers that are only available to those who believe the word, a promised land of plenty.
Tooty Fruity, not his real name, told the investigating team that he had been promised that he was special, that he had been selected out of millions and that everything he ever wanted could be delivered free to his door and that it was all free because they loved him so much.

The bitter reality however was different. Within 30 days of having joined, he was being hounded for cash, the group were plundering his bank account for money to fund their worldwide activities.
Soon he was being approached by strange men in shorts carrying the goods he had bought in a pathetic attempt to show his loyalty and to win favour with the unseen elders.

He tried to leave, but every escape route was carefully blocked, e mails went unanswered, telephone messages were never returned and letters mysteriously were never delivered, suddenly the love was gone.

They say you can leave at any time but that’s not true said Tooty, Houdini wouldn’t be able to escape from that lot.

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