‘Place your bets’ says British Airways


British Airways confirmed today that they have applied to the Gambling Commission for a Gambling Operating Licence.
A spokesmen today said that the company had been considering the move since a disgruntled passenger who had slept at Heathrow for 3 days, was overheard shouting: ‘it’s like trying to win the fucking lottery!’

‘We are very excited about the idea’, he said. ‘We think that it will be a perfect combination: our customer’s love of the possibility of travel, together with their gambling addiction and the British traditional sense of fun.’

With pilot strikes, ancillary workers strikes, air traffic controller strikes, high winds, snow and ice, drunken passengers, hijacking and when we just can’t be arsed, the possibilities for flights being disrupted or cancelled are endless!
The basic idea is that the customer buys a ticket, pays his stake and then chooses from a printed timetable, the hour, day, week, month and year he thinks his flight will arrive at his destination. He then chooses a bonus tie breaker, in which country will he land?

Winning tickets must have all six selections correct.

Statisticians have estimated that the chances of winning are equal to being born as a member of the royal family combined with having a natural ability to play the violin and for it to stop raining on the Isle of Wight.

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