Jeffrey Epstein ‘conveniently’ commits suicide

not hanging around

The billionaire sex-trafficker has died in jail, taking with him a great deal of criminal evidence and a lifetime’s supply of lubricant. Many, who were victims of his sex-trafficking ring, may be frustrated, but there has been a big sigh of relief from men of a certain age, with a certain level of wealth and with a certain period in office as President.

Epstein’s death did not prevent a ‘Black Book’ of his contacts reaching the public arena – containing dubious individuals, all of whom have had criminal records expunged; including Tony Blair, Ted Kennedy and Mr. Blobby. He was the man who Donald Trump called a ‘terrific guy’ and who federal prosecutors called a ‘terrific witness’

Epstein had previously lived under house-arrest in his nine-story townhouse, which once housed an entire preparatory school – and which arguably was still being used for a variation on that theme. He lived opposite Bill Cosby and his other home, to which he would often fly Bill Clinton, was based in the Virgin Islands – where else?

sMaterial witnesses such as Alan Dershowitz and Prime Minister Ehud Barak are off the hook – or sex-swing depending on the accusation. While a spokesman for Prince Andrew sent ‘thoughts and prayers’ – just not sure for whom. ‘

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