Out now! ‘The Expert’s Guide to Whitewashing’ by Sarah Huckabee Sanders


Have you ever done something that you’d have preferred didn’t come to light? Do you often open that great big mouth of yours without first putting your brain into gear and instantly regret it? Then ‘The Expert’s Guide to Whitewashing’ is the best investment you’ll ever make.

In just 10 easy lessons Sarah Huckabee Sanders shows you how to get away with everything from stealing candy from babies to first degree murder and everything else in between. You want to grab a pussy and still come out smelling of roses? No problem. ‘The Expert’s Guide to Whitewashing’ will show you how to grab as much as you can and make you look like the poor innocent victim. Caught on a hidden video-cam with a Russian hooker? Нет Проблем! Sarah’s got the answer.

Whether you’re a cop who wants to rough some one up and still get a commendation or a real estate magnate with zero scruples you’ve simply got to get this book.

With over 90 days experience as official White House Whitewasher, the author will give it to you straight if you ever find yourself on Queer Street or hanging around in the wrong transgender rest room.

So, next time you want to slander almost everyone you know or find yourself falling at every hurdle. Don’t worry. ‘The Expert’s Guide to Whitewashing’ shows you how to turn the whole thing into a joke whilst keeping a straight face at the same time and convincing yourself and everyone around you that you are speaking the truth and nothing but the truth. So help you God.

If you buy just one book this year make sure you get ‘The Expert’s Guide to Whitewashing’. With contributions from former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, Bill Clinton, O J Simpson and Nigel Farage, this book will completely change your life if you are an inveterate liar.

Limited signed copies by President Trump are also available in disappearing ink.

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