Caroline Lucas bases her dream cabinet on one ‘girly night out’


The UK’s one Green MP has called for an emergency cabinet based on a list of ‘all the women I know’. Sadly for Caroline Lucas, her all female cabinet fails to include any BAME MPs, anyone who favors Brexit or anyone who did not have a pony by the time they were fourteen.

Rather than go for diversity, Lucas criteria for selection seems based on the premise of who would know ‘where all the good cocktail bars are’. Less of a Government of Unity more of a great bunch of gals, who love a West-End Musical Brunch.

A spokeswoman for Caroline stated: ‘Before we get down to the serious matter of dealing with Brexit, we’ll be going to a nail-bar, maybe a spa? We’re not just assembling the greatest minds in the UK, we are putting together a set of the most amazing dinner companions that Caroline could find. There’ll be glitter, half-price martinis and a nuanced appreciation of EU negotiations’.

After three years of Theresa May as Prime Minister, Lucas insisted it was time to get a female perspective on events. Her spokeswoman said: ‘Too often women are not taken seriously. Girl Power!’

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