Updated scheduling sees CBeebies Bedtime Story aired post-watershed


After conducting a target audience analysis of its programmes, the BBC have decided to move the CBeebies Bedtime story to the bedtime of grown-ups, a move welcomed by parents across the UK.

‘It’s not about the kids at all’ says Andy Jones, 26 from Neath. At first I thought being presented with the likes of Tom Hardy and Orlando Bloom reading stories would make me feel inadequate as a man and a father, but their voices are so damn sexy, I now record them all and when the kids are at their mums I binge watch them in a state of semi-arousal.’

Francesca Southall from Greenwich agrees.

‘I put my clocks forward to trick my precious angels into thinking it’s later than it is so they’re in bed well before the Bedtime story comes on.’ Says Francesca, 33.

They often read innocent little stories with titles like ‘Odd Dog Out’ but to be honest, Tom Hardy could read me the phone book and I’d still get the quivers.

‘And as for JB Gill reading ‘Here Comes Frankie’, well. Say. No. More.

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