Little boy not going to a party because girl won’t sell him Tracy Island


A spoilt little brat called Donald who was invited to his friend Margrethe’s house for a party is having a hissy fit instead because she won’t sell her favourite toy to him. Stamping his feet in anger, he said ‘I’m not coming to play because she smells of poo.’

The party was due to take place next month and everyone was looking forward to it. Her friends Mette and Carla said they were very sad that Donald wasn’t coming, while Rasmus and Kristian called Donald some names which weren’t very nice.

Margrethe has had her beloved Tracy Island for many years, and has let Donald play with it in the past. But selfish, greedy Donald wanted more than to just be able to land his planes there occasionally, he wanted it all to himself. So he offered some of his pocket money for the toy to Margrethe, but she refused to sell it. That’s when he threw all his other toys out of the pram.

‘I don’t think I want to be friends with Donald because he’s a very rude boy,’ said absolutely everyone except Donald’s equally selfish best friend, Boris.

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