Holiday makers in distance heading straight for your beach spot


A family of eight and some sort of annoying, yapper-dog are planning to sit basically on top of you on an otherwise sparsely populated part of beach, it may as well be assumed.

Initially appearing as a tiny and low-risk series of coloured shapes on the horizon, the chattering horde of ‘ruiners’ have now coalesced with enough focus to represent a serious threat, prompting you to utter a series of unfinished sentences beginning with ‘Honestly..’, ‘Typical!’ and ‘Chrise-ake’.

‘I know it’s not our beach, but they can f*ck off’ suggests your wife, reasonably, squinting grimly through her binoculars like an under dressed Rommel.

‘We walked for miles to get this bit, why can’t they sit at the dogshit end with all the bins?’

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