‘I did not suspect Hitler’s behaviour’ insists Prince


Prince Edward VIII has defended his relationship with former German Chancellor Adolf Hitler insisting he had no idea the Fuhrer’s behaviour was in any way suspect.  The prince said that despite the Fuhrer surrounding himself with young blonde boys dressed in military uniform, leaving millions dead across Europe and N.Africa and despite setting up concentration camps he had always been prepared to give his friend the benefit of the doubt.

Edward added that at no stage during their 10 year relationship did he ‘see or suspect’ Mr.Hitler of any wrong doing.  In 1937 Hitler – who took his own life instead of facing trial for war crimes against humanity – had invited the prince to his Berghof retreat in Bavaria where the German aristocracy treated their cousin like Royalty.

But critics say that despite invading Poland and declaring war on Russia, the prince continued to support his friend and showed a ‘complete lack of judgement’ in maintaining his friendship with the murderous megalomaniac.  ‘On reflection, maybe after he butchered 6 million Jews and homosexuals I should have ended our relationship…..but he seemed such a nice guy….and he was always nice to his dog Blondi, he may have had his faults but you can’t fault him for that’.

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