More allegations of abuse by Santa Claus

many fear he also took advantage of the National Elf Service for his own sordid ends

Yet more allegations have been flooding in which suggest renowned children’s charity worker Santa Claus was in fact at the heart of a sickening global paedophile ring, possibly spanning many decades. Mr Claus traveled the globe alone in a sleigh, giving out toys and was consequently given free access to sleeping children’s bedrooms the world over.

It is alleged the bearded benefactor would also set-up shop in leading high street department stores around the world in the weeks leading up to Christmas and lure children into his grotto with the offer of presents. One elf, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he worked with Claus for many years and while he never witnessed anything first-hand, admitted there were constant ‘rumours’.
‘The parents would willingly sit their kids on his lap and thank him for the gift – some of them even offered brandy and mince pies if he came and visited their kid on Christmas Day.

‘But I never saw anything untoward myself, nobody did, so why would we believe it? We had no way of knowing what happened when he went down that chimney. As far as we knew we were just making kids happy, but now every time I hear the phrase Santa’s little helper I just want to be sick.’

As the colossal scale of the abuse becomes clear, people have been pointing the finger of blame and asking how this could have gone on for so long. Yesterday it was revealed that the FBI did investigate Mr Claus back in the 1970s – but on an entirely unrelated charge of spying on sleeping children, following claims of voyeurism raised in a pop song. The investigation was dropped, however, when doubts were raised about the reliability of the child-singer making the claims.

The BBC has also been dragged into the debate when it was revealed a documentary peering behind the false beard of the saintly sex pest was dropped in favour of a rerun of The Santa Clause 3. Director General George Entwistle’s initial claim that this decision was made for ‘editorial reasons’ was then retracted for being ‘utterly risible’.

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