And You Called Me Undemocratic, EU Tells Boris Johnson

Boris EU

Following Boris Johnson’s move to prorogue Parliament in order to push through a no-deal Brexit, the EU has issued the following statement: ‘Hah! And you called ME undemocratic!’

The EU’s statement continued: ‘So, let’s recap. Back in 2016, the year of the referendum, you branded me ‘fundamentally undemocratic’, a ‘democratic void’ and even compared me to Hitler. Well, who’s goosestepping now, Herr Johnson?’

The clown college dropout, real name Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, who weaselled his way into Downing Street in July on the votes of just 0.2% of the British public, has yet to respond to the EU’s remarks.
However, an understrapper said: ‘Mr Johnson is currently busy installing machine gun towers around No.10 and will respond to the EU’s accusations in due course.’

In a final dig, the EU stated: ‘Over 200 million people voted in the last EU elections. Beat that, fatso.’

Rhydderch Wilson

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