Man who tried to walk away from Audi deal sent back in to showroom by wife


A man who walked out of a garage having failed to agree an acceptable price for a used car has been sent back in to try again.

An exasperated Mr Johnson tried to explain that walking away without a deal was all part of the game, and that the Audi main dealer would soon be phoning him up with something better than he’d been offered previously. And if they didn’t call, he’d go and look at doing a deal on a Nissan instead.

However, his wife was insistent that they needed a vehicle to go and get groceries and medical supplies, and that leaving the dealer without having bought a car was not acceptable.

What makes things worse for Mr Johnson is the fact that his wife has already turned down the potential agreement for the black Audi family saloon on three separate occasions amid heated debates on the subject.

So Mr Johnson now cannot leave the showroom and go and buy a Nissan instead, and he cannot accept the deal being offered on the Audi either. And frustratingly for his family and friends, it’s taken three years to reach this position. They probably wish he’d stuck with his faithful old Alfa Romeo that, despite all its quirks and the money he spent on it, served him so well for all that time.

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