Brexiter stopped from jumping through open door of speeding train


A man has been prevented from flinging himself out of a speeding train through a door that had failed to close.

The man had reportedly shouted ‘freedom’ as he attempted to squeeze himself through the door and onto the tracks below.

A group of MPs who happened to be travelling in the same carriage managed to wrestle him back on board, telling him that a better idea would be to stay on the train and wait to safely alight at the next station.

The man, who had previously argued to stay on the train, before trying to have it terminate at an earlier station, was said to be aghast at the MPs’ intervention, shouting at his confused fellow travellers: ‘They won’t let us off unless they’re convinced we’re prepared to jump to our deaths! Jump – for your own sakes! God only knows where the train’s going!’

‘I wouldn’t necessarily stop him,’ said one passenger, ‘as he’s quite convinced that’s what he wants to do and who am I to deny a person the right to take their own life, even if it’s under the wheels of the very train they’re riding on?’

‘But, it’s not the quite the same when that person happens to be the train-driver.’

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