Double whammy for the music world – Nicki Minaj retires & Mugabe dies


People around the world are in mourning, as one of the world’s most iconic authoritarian figures is gone. Also, Robert Mugabe is dead. Yet it is Mugabe whose musical legacy will be felt long after Nicki Minaj music is forgotten – so, about ten minutes then.

A publicist for Nicki Minaj said that her client felt she could no longer go on creating rap, now that Mugabe was gone. While Ed Sheeran has also said he will stop performing, but that was due to the petition that everyone had signed.

Mugabe was a giant in the music industry, producing such classics: ‘Maggie’s Farm…is now a collective’. ‘Don’t believe the hype-rinflation’ and the cover version of Malvina Reynolds timeless ‘Little boxes – stuffed with ballot papers’.

Ironically the lives of Minaj and Mugabe mirrored each other, with Mugabe breaking the yoke of oppressive colonial rule and Nicki dissing Lil Kim on the track ‘Tragedy’. Said one music journalist: ‘We will never see his like again. He lived under an aging, white-minority regime, a regime that exploited others, was ruthless and took all the wealth for itself. A bit like being one of Madonna’s backing dancers’.

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