Art world shocked as new Peter Andre painting identified

there are limits to airbrushing

A previously unknown portrait by Peter Andre has been identified by the experts at the Museum of Worthless Celebrity Art.

The piece, titled ‘Jordan mon amour’ and which depicts Andre’s now ex-wife, Katie Price, in her usual semi-naked state, had spent the last four years in a private collector’s bedroom after he had bought the artwork for £3 at a boot fair in June 2009, only a month after the celebrity couple announced their split.

The museum said that the painting was authenticated by the style, the physical materials used and by the inexplicable presence of Katie Price in an artwork. It is believed to be the first colour piece by Andre to be discovered since his art coursework was displayed at his school open evening in 1987.

‘It was difficult at first to decipher the medium that had been used,’ said museum director, Diana Smythe. ‘Our initial thought that it was an acrylic-water mix was soon dismissed when, upon closer inspection by our researchers, it was confirmed that the artist had in fact used crayons. Then, once we realised who the model actually was, it was a no-brainer – literally.’

Andre, who is more popularly known for his ‘audible art’ and remains keen to boost his celebrity profile, has confirmed authorship of the portrait, saying he loved working with the cheap, plasticky materials to produce what he considers as a ‘modern pop art piece’. Noting the subject of Andre’s work, critics are already dubbing it his ‘blue phase’.

The artwork is due to go to auction next week, where it is expected to fetch around £2.50.

Story and picture by Robopop

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