Kim Jong-un proposes EU border at 54th parallel


North Korean president Kim Jong-un has proposed a solution to the Brexit crisis by dividing Britain along the ’54th parallel’, with the southern half exiting the EU and the northern half staying inside it. Some have responded sceptically to the idea of following the guidance certified lunatic dictator with no regard for his nation’s welfare being told what to do, but then they realised that this was happening already and so any new idea was worth a try.

According to outline plans submitted by the tonsorially challenged midget, a demilitarised zone will be set up on line running between the Gretna Outlet Village and Lamberton, with a two-mile neutral zone either side. The DMZ will be used to re-align the roads, with Scotland switching to driving on the right because it will annoy the English, change all the signs from ‘Welcome to Scotland’ to ‘Fuck Off Johnson’ and installing border posts at which effete Southerners from Cumbria can be frisked for carrying any liquids less than 40% ABV.

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