Elderly monarch falls victim to conman


An elderly lady who cannot be named for legal reasons and will be known as ‘Her Majesty the Q’ has been explaining how she was conned out of a valuable reputation for impartiality by a notorious conman.

”E seemed so plausible,’ said Her Majesty the Q. “I woz on me hols, so I was a bit off guard and ‘e says ‘e wants to close the ‘ouses of Parliament down to do some cleaning. Nnext thing I know, I’ve been made to look a right Charlie. And believe me, that’s not a good look.’ At this stage, she looked pointedly at a photograph of her family.’

”E told me everyone taking five weeks off was the best way to deal with a lot of work. Well, my husband has taken the last 70 years off and it hasn’t done him any harm, so I thought ‘why not?’ and now all this.’

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