USA abandons the tired and the poor huddled masses for wealthy old white men


Black? Forget it! Hispanic? Madre Mia! Piss poor? Oh…pleeeeeze! Female, young and pretty? Great! Trophy wife. Female, old and fat? Hey woman, just get back in the kitchen. Gay? You know the answer…

The USA is the place to be if you are a wealthy old white man. The continent is currently undertaking an official cleansing process with the new Trump campaign strapline – ‘if it ain’t old, male and white it ain’t alt-Right!’

Sales of golf buggies, hair-pieces and Viagra are already achieving record highs as the elderly white male majority squeezes out all subversive and diverse elements.

‘The rules are simple,’ explained an elderly white White House spokesman, ‘there’s no room for anyone under the age of 55 who isn’t A: Male; B: White; C: Wealthy and D: A Member of an exclusive Golf Club who doesn’t have a second or third wife thirty years his junior and doesn’t want a black, gay or poverty-stricken family as his neighbour.’

Only men in grey suits with perma-tans and brilliant white dentures will be allowed to venture out during daylight hours.  Head-phone wearing skateboarders and anyone in a rainbow coloured tee-shirt or anything other than an official campaign base-ball cap will be rammed into the back of armoured trucks operated by Elderly White Enforcement Squads or EWES and ‘disappeared’. ‘This will ensure that the outside world only sees a scrubbed clean America without a single trace of unwelcome diversity.’

To mark the beginning of the new era the Statue of Liberty will be replaced by the long awaited 300 feet high golden Trump Monument overlooking New York harbour. The towering Trump will allow visitors to climb to the top of its extended right arm reaching towards the heavens in a text-book Nazi salute. Whilst throughout the Land, Tannoy systems and will play looped renditions of the Star-Spangled Bannon on the hour, every hour, 24/7.

God Bless America…


Hat tip to Sinnick

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