Husband finally recognises teal colour


After a decade and a half of training, husband Paul Bloggs is finally able to recognise the colour teal. Mrs Mary Bloggs began the project of teaching him on their honeymoon when the hotel they stayed in had teal scatter cushions. Since then Paul has had teal rugs, curtains and cardigans pointed out to him regularly but until recently was no closer to successfully identifying the bluey-green hue.

However, on a recent trip to TK Maxx Paul noticed a lamp that he was fairly sure was teal. ‘I called Mary over from the display of glasses that aren’t dishwasher safe, next to the bottles of amusingly named chili sauces, and said is this lamp teal? Mary confirmed it was and I had a eureka moment, realising that after fifteen years of marriage I am now very much her performing monkey.’

Mary said: ‘Frankly I’m amazed. My mother tried unsuccessfully to get my father to recognise taupe for the full sixty years of her marriage. I think it’s important to have these small projects and I will now commence the new project of attempting to stop Paul farting in the kitchen.’

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