Marvel Comics in talks with Number 10 over new British super-hero

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Marvel Comics has revealed that it is in talks with Number 10 to secure a new film and comic franchise based around the self-proclaimed super-hero, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, saviour of everything jolly decent and absolutely British.

A brief summary of the plot has been released but it is likely to go through many changes in the coming few weeks.

So far, the story revolves around a complete nut-job desperate for power and immortality.

With his Union Jack underpants pulled up over his ill-fitting suit, and his amazing ability to piss-off everything in sight, Johnson desperately seeks a cure for the right-wing propaganda that contaminated his brain cells and turned him into The Incredibly Annoying Hulk. Only then will he be able to settle down and lead a normal life with his nanny, his obsession with Cicero and his collection of ceramic bull dogs.

Cut off from his true love Carrie Symonds, for spilling red wine onto her precious shag-pile after a startling shirt ripping episode, and forced to hide from his nemesis, General Thunderbolt Corbyn, Boris soon comes face-to-face with a new threat: a supremely powerful enemy known as The Abomination or Amber Rudd.

After a long drawn out battle which sees the Queen of England intervening with two ferocious corgis and a golden mace, Boris is banished to a former British colony where he joins forces with his evil orange side kick, The Stable Genius.

With The Incredibly Annoying Hulk out of the picture there is not only a massive vacuum to fill but a massive mouth to close in the guise of Emperor Nigellus Faragus. The delusional and xenophobic lunatic whose sideways eating straight banana skills are severely put to the test under the latest EU Agricultural policy regulations. Fortunately, he chokes to death leaving the British people to decide for themselves whether they should mingle with foreigners or go back to the 1950’s when the way to deal with climate change meant putting on a proper vest.

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