A & E departments reporting rise in ‘entitlement attacks’

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Shocking figures released today by the NHS show that more and more people are presenting at A & E departments or being admitted to hospital after falling victim to entitlement attacks.

Felicity Brimstone, 32, a newsreader with an Isle of Wight local radio station was assaulted after forecasting a cloudy day with some light showers. Her attacker, a 29 year old mother of two who had apparently been planning a garden party for her daughter, Lucretia, 6 shouted and spat at Ms Brimstone whilst screaming, ‘it’s still summer, I’m entitled to expect a sunny day with a light breeze, every things ruined now, you cow!’

Other incidents reported include, a waiter from Hull who was attacked after informing a diner that all the Lasagne was gone and a shop assistant who was repeatedly run over with a shopping trolley, after telling a customer that their discount coupons were out of date.

Chief Inspector Lestrade told our reporter that the police are seeing more and more incidents of this type, across all sections of society and across all age groups. From children attacking parents because they are entitled to stay up late, to Prime Minister’s thinking they can do the opposite of what Parliament has just told them is illegal.

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