Housing Crisis affects us all say MPs


A number of Tory MPs today echoed the concerns of the National Housing Federation report that stated that 8.4m people in the UK are suffering the worst housing crisis in living memory.

One senior Minister said, it’s dreadful out there at the moment, a situation any civilised country should be ashamed of. I have been searching for a new country home for months, all I’m asking for is 7 bedrooms, a swimming pool, perhaps a moat and no darkies within 20 miles, yet I’m still searching.

The minister for housing agreed, many of my friends in the party are very concerned about first time buyers being unable to put their first foot on the property ladder. Many MPs have bought their second homes claiming the interest as part of their Westminster expenses, yet now that they want to sell off the place at a handsome profit and buy a villa in Tuscany the market has come to a bally standstill.

Leader of the House, Jacob Rees-Mogg however was unconcerned, crisis, what crisis, he asked, that’s what staff are for, he said. I employ a little man, my estate manager and he handles all our properties, here in the UK and abroad. I own dozens, perhaps hundreds of houses and I never lose a night’s sleep. He simply fills them all up with people desperate for somewhere to live, fits as many in as possible, evicts all those that can’t pay and bobs your uncle, another Mink for the little woman.

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