Johnson: ‘I can do whatever I f@*king well like. So f@*k you, pal


Not content with the disparaging comment of ‘humbug’ to Labour MP Paula Sheriff who had referenced the murder of fellow MP Jo Cox, President Trump acolyte, fanboy and absolute idiot Boris Johnson, went on to insult and mock many others during his extraordinary statement in The House of Commons.

The Prime Minister (really? W…T…F?) who was completely humiliated yesterday by the Supreme Court ruling which saw right through and outlawed his disingenuous proroguing of Parliament, was hauled back from America where he had been kissing Donald Trump’s corpulent flaccid arse, and asked to account for himself and his reckless actions, then smirked, slimed and smarmed his way through a bad-tempered session in which he showed a total disrespect and disregard for decency and the processes of state.

Social media went into meltdown as the over-privileged fool played fast and loose with the country’s intelligence in a sickening diatribe were he used ill-concealed hate-filled rhetoric in an attempt to mock anyone and everyone who was not part of his claque of sycophantic boot-licking yes men and women.

But Mr Johnson’s constant use of the word ‘surrender’ won him no favours with Middle Ages enthusiasts, The DUP, with Party Leader Arlene Foster commenting: ‘We’re the party of this kind of hate-laced incendiary terminology. Let Boris find his own or he can kiss our support goodbye, so he can.’

However faced with widespread criticism there was yet some support for the beleaguered berk in the shape of Italy’s Silvio Berlusconi who said: ‘I like Boris, as with his disregard for decency and noncompliance with the rule of law, not to mention his very many sexual scandals and peccadilloes, he reminds me of someone. He is a true statesman and global player on the world stage.’

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