Sticks & stones may break my bones, but Fascists will actually shoot me


Recent concerns that violent language may lead to violence, have been of little consolation to those UK citizens who have discovered that actual violence also leads to violence. MPs seem alarmed at a recent explosion of harassment, despite having lit the fuse themselves, stockpiled the gun powder, soaking it in oil and dressed up as Arthur Brown, while singing ‘Fire’.

Tommy Robinson and his rent-o-thugs have been regularly spotted on British streets and yet it is only when Jacob Rees Mogg fails to sit in a chair properly, that they notice something might be wrong. MPs have selective memories when it comes to hurling abuse; said a supporter of Jess Phillips: ‘Yes, Jess regularly shouts in people’s faces, tells BAME MPs to ‘F off’ and threatens to kill elderly men – but that’s all harmless banter. She is the real victim here. Someone banged on her window once.’

Members of the electorate are somewhat suspicious of MPs complaining about the tone of language, after said MPs have spent the last three years, sounding like a pre-fight WWF wrestler, after having eaten too much sugar. Following a spike in violent crime, over 250,000 UK citizens last year were actually threatened – but apparently the really shocking thing is the Prime Minister once said ‘humbug’.

Meanwhile, the Boris Johnson said the best way to honour the murdered MP, Jo Cox, was to deliver Brexit, whereas others suggested the best way to honour her, was to not kill her in the first place.

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