Ireland preparing for a friendly invasion

Irish flag

The republic of Ireland is preparing to deal with thousands of additional migrants expected to be seeking asylum over the next 12 months.

The latest migrants, a sizable but downtrodden minority in their own country, are said to be willing to undertake the hazardous journey to reach what they see as a more tolerant and open society.

Official in Dublin are said to be mobilising all the emergency services and have been holding crisis talks with the Red Cross and Save the Children.

According to intelligence agencies, the Welsh are expected to start massing in sizable numbers at the ports of Fishguard and Holyhead as soon as post Brexit shortages start to bite, which expected to be around mid November.

Irish officials say preparations are well under way with a large number of Irish rugby clubs and local choirs up and down the country ready to welcome the newcomers, anxious to help them integrate into Irish society.William Hill have cut the odds on an Irish grand slam in next year’s Six nations to even money.

Asked about the fact that Wales actually voted Leave in the EU referendum,Liam O’Casey from Limerick said,” sure isn’t that what they will be doing?”

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