Embarrassing public malfunction by British-built robot

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British robotic scientists suffered a major setback when their showcase model, the Maybot29118X badly malfunctioned at a prestigious showcase event. The near life-like robot, fitted with semi-advanced AI designed to show it could feasibly pass-off as the Prime Minister, failed to convince watching delegates.

Firstly the AI program delivered a lacklustre and underwhelming political speech that rambled on badly, was full of clichés, and bored the pants off everyone listening. Then the vocal-unit ran out of oil as it rasped and spluttered, and finally the sense-of-humour unit, which scientists admit was already the most basic, cheapest unit on the market failed to cope with an unexpected prankster.

Scientists were relieved however, that when they triggered the deliberate background set-malfunction to see how the unit would cope, it didn’t melt-down, explode or resort to violence, but merely slumped into a dejected, defeated demeanour.

‘We were very disappointed by the Maybot,’ said Chief Robotics Engineer Brian Peters. ‘We were trying to see if we could make a unit that could actually fool humans into voting for it, and as you clearly saw – no chance. So it’s back to the drawing board I’m afraid.’

There was better news though with another model – the Boris666X performed much better than expected, although someone in the team forgot to turn off the ‘Embarrasing Gaffe’ function yet again which has been plaguing the Borisbot since its creation.

‘The Borisbot is far more promising to be PM material we think,’ said Peters. ‘He’s already fooled many into thinking he can be a credible Foreign Secretary, and that Brexit is a great thing so we’re probably going to scrap Maybot and put all our resources into Borisbot.’


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