Johnson promises 10% extra funding for new 11 Commandments

Boris Johnson beim Wahlkampf für den Parteivorsitz der Konservativen und Premierminister

1. I am the Lord, by God!
2. Thou shalt have no other Gods, especially not Jeremiah.
3. That shalt not make unto thee any graven image, with yellow stars on a blue background.
4. Thou shalt not take the name of thy Lord in vain, for thy Lord is proud of his Johnson.
5. Remember the 31st October, to keep it wholly without justification.
6. Honour thy father and thy mother, because these doddery old fools voted for me.
7. Thou shalt not murder, except a pint in Wetherspoons.
8. That shalt not commit adultery, when photgraphers are present.
9. Thou shalt not steal, from the rich.
10. Thou shalt not bear false witness (Dom, what does this one actually mean?)
11. Thou shalt not covet dwelling places, wives, and asses, unless these are part of “trade delegations”

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